We clean fuel injectors in Miami. These injectors are normally plugged up with old fuel that locks up the injector. Our injector cleaning procedure removes those deposits and returns the injector to full operation. Call: 786-593-3357

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How much does it cost to clean the fuel injectors?

At Lux Fuel Injector Cleaning Service Miami we charge $50 per injector. This includes a deep clean and renew for EACH Injector.

How long does it take for you to clean the fuel injectors?

We can typically clean 4-8 injectors in 1 hour.

Can I have the fuel injectors i dropped off delivered back to me?

Absolutely! We use Uber Package Delivery to deliver the injectors back to you and you can do the same. We charge $50 to use this service.

Will you deep clean my fuel injectors?

Lux Fuel Injector Cleaning Service Miami provides fuel injector cleansing services across the city of Miami . We have been cleaning fuel injectors since 2020, servicing all types of injectors for gas motors. We use some of the best ways known to bring back your fuel injector to working order.

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Can I wait for the fuel injectors to be cleaned?

Yes you can wait in our lobby or you can grab a drink at Joe’s Juice, or hit the Wells Fargo Bank, and Brickell is right around the corner!

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Why are fuel injectors so important?

Fuel injectors have tiny valves that regulate the quantity of gas sprayed into the engine, as directed by your engine’s ecu. Because fuel-injected engines meter fuel very precisely, they’ve been able to meet increasingly stringent emissions and gasoline economy standards.